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Collabware CLM for SharePoint Records Management

Protect your content and mitigate risk.

SharePoint is great for collaboration, but it can only handle the most basic records management requirements. Collabware CLM empowers SharePoint to become an intelligent enterprise content management (ECM) solution that meets even the most complex legal and regulatory requirements.

Collabware CLM for Electronic Records Management

Manage content from creation to disposition.

Have cases? Have documents? Have email? Have list items? No problem. All SharePoint content and files can be managed. Collabware CLM enables the tracking, classification, retention, and security management all content automatically and without user intervention. Using the powerful rules system you can easily identify and triage stale content while protecting high value content for long term retention (time or event-based) in-place on team sites or within a dedicated records center.

Collabware CLM for Physical Records Management

Don’t just manage your inventory. Make it useful!

As much as we want to get rid of paper, it’s not going away any time soon. Collabware CLM enables the management of all forms of physical content across all your physical locations. You can easily integrate your users into your physical records processes through SharePoint integrated search results and simple to use circulation processes.

Collabware CLM for Lifecycle Automation

Automation increases productivity and mitigates risk.

Automation drives high user adoption and satisfaction. With Collabware CLM you can automate compliance by auto-classifying content and auto-populating metadata values. Utilize lifecycle workflow to handle complex automation scenarios that involve security, notifications, reviews, and the protection of content.

Collabware CLM for Records Disposition

Ensure defensible disposition with managed processes.

Disposition review doesn’t have to be complex and painful. Collabware CLM provides an automatically managed, Microsoft SharePoint integrated bulk content disposition review system that facilitates simplified integration of users into the review process. You can perform reviews using pre-defined reviewer groups, or define dynamic reviewer rules.

Collabware CLM for Discovery and Legal Holds

Protecting content is the primary objective.

Legal stuff happens. All the time. With Collabware CLM you can streamline the discovery and legal hold processes by ensuring content is automatically captured to a legal hold using a Global Content Query. Once on hold, the content cannot be modified or put up for disposition. Need a secret hold? No problem. Only authorized users can see that a hold exists.


Supports SharePoint 2010 records management
API available for .NET, REST and PowerShell
Supports SharePoint 2013 records management
API available for .NET, REST, and PowerShell
Multi-farm support using Service Application model
Supports SharePoint 2016 records management
No additional infrastructure required